New solutions, new opportunities. Shield NKU with retractable blocks


In February 2021 on our the enterprise was launched the national project "Improving the productivity labor and employment support.

The project was implemented by the team Group of companies "Lin Vector" together with the working group of the enterprise national project and the Regional Competence Center (RCC) of the Chuvash Republic.

As part of participation in the National project to improve labor productivity, experts from the Lin Vector" carried out a comprehensive diagnostics of the enterprise, as well as conducted training working group from among the employees of the enterprise to tools for optimizing the flow creating value and improving process efficiency.

Project with the participation of LLC experts Lin Vector ended in the first ten days of June. During this time, the consultants of Lin Vector” trained internal trainers at our enterprise, capable of independently see losses in the processes of the enterprise, as well as train colleagues principles and tools for building a system of continuous improvement.

The working group applied acquired knowledge and skills in diagnosing one of the key flows for enterprises. Assessed the current state of the value stream, developed and implemented an action plan to optimize the flow, which reduced process times by 24%, increase output by 36% and reduce inventory by 34%.

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