Packaged modular buildings

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The packaged modular buildings are designed for placement of various types of equipment: high-voltage and low-voltage packaged distribution devices; location of duty and operating personnel; they are also used in construction activities and various industrial fields.
The packaged modular buildings cannot be used under conditions of jolting, vibrations and impact effects.
Normal functioning of the packaged modular buildings is provided under the following conditions:
- altitude above the sea level: not more than 1000m;
- environment: industrial environment according to GOST 15150-69. Non-hazardous environment containing no reactive gases or vapors in concentrations that may deteriorate excessively the parameters of the packaged modular buildings.


Classification Version
According to the type NKU – low-voltage packaged device; ZRU – closed distribution device; KRUN – packaged distribution device installed outdoors; OPU – substation control house; RP – distribution point; RTP – distribution point with a transformer substation; UKRM – power-factor correction unit; DIS – dispatching office; ZVN – auxiliary building;
According to the version О1 – normal, for moderate climate and operation in the IC, IIА, IIIА climatic subregions;
О2 — normal, for moderate climate and operation in the IIB, IIC, IID, IIIБ, IIIВ climatic subregions;
С – northern version, for operation in the IА, IB, ID, IE climatic subregion
According to the fire and explosion safety А. B, C1-C4, D, E
According to the fire-resistance class IV-II
According to the fire-resistance class Fixed, with no running gear;
movable, on chassis
According to the number of modules Single-module;

The composition of the packaged modular buildings depends on the model and production facilities/project.
Generally it includes an encasement and auxiliary equipment.

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