Fund for Promotion of Innovations


With the support of Fund for the Promotion of Innovation. June 02, 2016 Contract No. 490GKSCh/22541 was concluded to provide a grant to a small innovative enterprise for financial support of expenses related to the implementation of innovative projects, the results of which have the prospect of commercialization.

V within the framework of the project, equipment was purchased for the production automated system of sequential soft start of a cascade of high-voltage electric motors using a thyristor device assembled according to the scheme voltage regulator, namely:

  1. Condenser welding machine Shoot M10
  2. Inverter welding semiautomatic MIG 395
  3. Joystick for sealing
  4. Mobile mechanical self-cleaning cassette filter PMSF-2-2x160-T20
  5. Spot welder, 4645NE / 380
  6. Band saw, BS-315GH
  7. Profile bending machine, SGP 60
  8. Combined press shears, KPN 55/110
  9. Machine for cutting, punching and bending tires BM 303S-3-8P
  10. High-voltage apparatus SKAT-70M

The result of the completed project was the creation of additional highly qualified jobs and the development of a new range of products and products.

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