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The GRSh-0.4kW series low-voltage packaged devices are designed for reception, recording and distribution of electric energy in circuits with up to 1000V voltage, 50Hz frequency, with a dead-earthed neutral in residential, commercial and industrial facilities and enterprises. They are also used as part of transformer substations.

The GRSh devices are low-voltage commutation devices with control, measuring, signaling, protective and adjusting devices fabricated and assembled by the low-voltage packaged device producer with all the necessary internal electrical and mechanical connections and structural elements. The devices are produced in accordance with the Technical Specifications (TS) 3434-003-20582116-2013.

Fig. 1 - Appearance of main switchgear-0.4 kV

Fig. 1 – configuration of the GRSh-0.4kW

Fig. 2 - External view of the main switchboard-0.4 kV at the assembly stage

Fig. 2 – configuration of the GRSh-0.4kW being assembled

The nominal value of the climatic factors of the environment corresponds to GOST 15150, GOST 15543.1. Type of the climatic version: Moderate 1, Moderate 3, Moderate and Cold 4.

The environment is non-explosive, it doesn’t contain current-conducting dust, aggressive gases or vapors in concentrations that may lead to destruction of metals and insulation. The low-voltage packaged devices produced in accordance with the present technical specifications cannot be operated under the special conditions specified in GOST R 51321.1.

Altitude above the sea level is up to 1000m

Operating conditions concerning mechanical impacts of the environment according to the MI operation conditions class in accordance with GOST 17516.1.

The low-voltage packaged devices are produced using materials stable to mechanical, electrical and thermal loads and also humidity which are typical for normal operating conditions.

The devices, equipment and contact terminals of the low-voltage packaged devices and their connections are located in the front side of the device.

The overall and mounting dimensions and also the diagrams of primary circuits are indicated in the appendix.

The components may be substituted with other components with similar technical parameters without introduction of changes into the documentation.

GRSh technical data

  • nominal current, In – up to 6300 А;
  • surge current, Ikp – up to 187 kA;
  • short time withstand current (1s), Icw – up to 85 kA;
  • nominal voltage, Un – 380 V;
  • insulation voltage, Ui – 1000 V;
  • nominal frequency, f – 50 Hz.

Basic functions and application features of the GRSh

  • input and distribution of power supply from the transformer substation;
  • protection against single-phase and multi-phase short circuits;
  • commercial accounting of electric energy;
  • control of electric parameters at the input (inputs) by means of measuring devices;
  • busbar partitioning in order to provide maintenance safety and increase the reliability of power supply;
  • automatic load transfer for boards with 2 inputs;
  • light signaling of the running (emergency) state of the system;
  • structure – floor-mounted;
  • maintenance type – single-side or double-side maintenance;
  • grounding system according to the project – TN‑C, TN‑C‑S;
  • climatic version and placement category – moderate cold 4 according to GOST 15150-69.

Technical data

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