Low-voltage equipment

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The ShO70 series switchboard panels are used for integration of distribution devices in circuits with the 380/220 VAC and 50Hz frequency. These boards perform the functions of input boards, automatic transfer switch, protection of users against overloads and short circuit currents.

The ShO70 series panels are destined for national consumers which pay attention to the reliability of power supply. Basically this category of consumers includes enterprises with a continuous operating cycle.

The panel structure is made of a rigid welded profile frame made of a steel sheet. The frame is painted with a polyether powder coating and the color is specified by the customer. The rigid structure allows installation of equipment with the capacity up to 2500A regardless of the producer: both national and imported; switches of the fixed type, plug-in type and draw-out type.

The ShO70 series panels possess the necessary certificate and correspond to the requirements of regulatory documents.

Technical data

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