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Complete switchgears of the Nadezhda type (KRU) are designed to receive and distribute electrical energy of three-phase alternating current with a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz for a voltage of 6 (10) kV in networks with isolated or grounded neutral.
The complete switchgear corresponds to the requirements of GOST 14693 and Technical specifications (TS) 3414-012-20582116-2014.
The climatic category and placement category are ‘moderate 3’ and ‘moderately cold climate 3’ in accordance with GOST 15150 and GOST 15543.1.

Operating conditions
The operating conditions of the Nadezhda series complete switchgear are the following:

  • altitude above the sea level up to 1000m;
  • upper operating value of the ambient air temperature up to + 40˚С;
  • lower operating value of the ambient air temperature: - 25˚С with heating devices installed in the relay cabinet and switching devices compartment (on request); - 1°С with no heating devices installed in the relay cabinet;
  • the environment is non-explosive, it doesn’t contain aggressive gases or evaporations, chemical deposits; it is not saturated with current-conducting dust or moisture vapors.

Basic technical data
The basic technical data of the complete switchgears and the cabinets versions are indicated in tables 1,2.

Table 1. Basic technical data of the Nadezhda series complete switchgear

Parameter name


Nominal (linear) voltage at the 50 Hz frequency, kV

6; 10

The highest operating (linear) voltage, kV

7,2; 12

Nominal current of primary circuits of the complete switchgear cabinets at the 50 Hz frequency, А

630; 1000; 1600; 2000

Busbar nominal current at the 50 Hz frequency, А

630; 1000; 1600; 2000

Types of the applied breakers


Nominal current of opening of the breaker installed in the complete switchgear at the 50 Hz frequency, кА

20; 25; 31,5

Short-time thermal current with the 3s current flow time, кА

20; 25; 31,5

Nominal short time electrodynamic current of primary circuits of the complete switchgear cabinets, кА

51; 64; 81

Nominal voltage of auxiliary circuits, V:- alternating current – direct current


110; 220

Dimensions, mm:- width-

Figure 1 – General view of the Nadezhda series cabinets of unilateral and bilateral maintenance with a service trolley

depth- height

650; 800; 1000



Weight, kg

from 600 to 1200

Table 2 - Classification of performances such as cabinets Hope

Name of classification


The level of insulation in accordance with GOST 1516.3 normal
Type of insulation Overhead, combined
Have the insulation of live parts with insulated busbars, with bare tires
Availability of roll-out elements with the roll-out elements, cassettes, without a roll-out elements
Kind of linear high-voltage connections Cable, bus
Terms of Service two-way, one-way
Degree of protection in accordance with GOST 14254 * IP20 behind closed doors;IP00 Open door compartment and relay compartment withdrawable unit
Type of main cabinet, depending on the embedded hardware and connections with circuit-breakers, with plug connections, with voltage transformers, with power fuses, combined
Having doors compartment withdrawable unit cabinet Cabinets with doors
Type of control local, remote

* On request is possible to manufacture cabinets with other degrees of protection switchgear are manufactured in accordance with the grid circuit diagrams of main circuits and auxiliary circuits diagrams of electrical connections in the electromechanical relays and microprocessor devices for protection, control, automation and alarm.

Technical data

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