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The softstarters are electronic voltage regulators allowing starting and tripping of electric motors by means of soft increasing and decreasing of voltage in the coils with the function of limitation of the starting current (in case of across-the-line starting of motor the current goes up to 600 – 800% compared to the nominal current).

The softstarters may be applied when it is not necessary to adjust the electric motor speed and the accelerating torque of the fixed shaft of the driven mechanism is smaller than 30% compared to the nominal motor torque (fans, pipes). Otherwise it is necessary to apply frequency converters.

The EnergoMash Factory LLC specializes in production of control boards with softstarters (ShU-UPP) for asynchronous electric motors with the capacity up to 250 kW, 380 – 660V voltage and 50Hz frequency.

ShU-UPP is a packaged device which consists of a soft starter, auxiliary relays or microcontrollers and a board encasement. The softstarter board may also be equipped with a bypass contactor. The bypass contactor is used for the following purposes:

  • for direct connection of electric motors to the circuit (bypassing the softstarter) once the startup is complete in order to avoid heat losses in the power thyristor area of the softstarter;
  • for direct starting of motors in case of softstarter breakdown or operational requirements.

Technical data

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