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The automated systems on the basis -1200 M-UHL4 (10) of the thyristor soft starter series UVPP-6 are used in industry farms where the technology used for manufacturing high-voltage (6 kV, 10 kV) AC synchronous motors and mechanisms "fan" (quadratically dependent from velocity) characteristic of the load torque (pumps, fans, centrifugal compressors, and other similar mechanisms).

Depending on the needs of a specific object launched production of both single-engine devices UVPP series and multiengine automated devices based on UVPP series devices to alternately smooth start an unlimited number of engines, thereby reducing the costs in comparison with the installation of single-engine devices on each motor.

The high-voltage part of the thyristor device is a three-phase AC voltage regulator, consisting of three power cells. Each power cell contains two columns of thyristors connected in anti-parallel. RC circuits are connected to each reversing pair of thyristors to protect thyristors from switching overvoltages. To limit overvoltages on thyristors, a group of voltage limiters at the input of the device and shunt power units are used. To equalize the voltages between series-connected reversible pairs of thyristors in the closed state, voltage dividers on resistors are used. Power cells are made in the form of withdrawable elements for quick replacement in case of failure of any power cell. Replacing a thyristor in a cell does not require special tools and can be carried out by one specialist from among the operational and maintenance personnel

The high-voltage part is controlled by a digital control system by changing the opening angle of the thyristors, thereby regulating the power voltage supplied to the motor. In the control system, to minimize the influence of interference, the thyristor control circuits are organized by fiber optic cables. Also, all communication channels between devices are galvanically isolated.

Setting and start mode is carried out from the integrated control panel provided in the form of industrial tablet computer and performs the following functions:

- View and edit device configuration options;

- assignment of arbitrary shape with start current number of sites to 6;

- control of start of the engine in the adjustment mode;

- Output of text on the device protection status messages before and during start-up;

- graphic representation of a predetermined trigger chart;

- graphical representation of the current diagram at start-up in real-time.

The structure of the automated systems include alternate trigger device series UVPP-6 (10) - *** - M-UHL4, multiengine system controller cabinet (BCCH), the camera switching devices, control panel, the operator workstation.

BCCH has the following functions:

- Control Algorithm alternate engine starting group;

- monitoring the state of high-voltage switches, motors and assemblies;

- recording the start of the process;

- on logging.

The digital control system is designed on the principle of minimizing the exchange of discrete signals between the devices of the automated system. For data exchange, all system devices are connected to a serial bus via a twisted-pair cable and are microcontrollers that carry out the procedure for receiving and transmitting data and having logic at the hardware level that handles errors. This technical solution provides a number of competitive advantages that allow reducing the cost of the system due to the large amount of installation materials and components saved on the cost, as well as reducing the time it takes to put the system into operation, reducing to a minimum the work of laying control cables and checking the correct connections.

Application systems based on a thyristor device UVPP-B, compared to direct start, a number of advantages:

- reducing inrush current in the motor (2-4) times;

- reducing the supply voltage sags;

- significant reduction in mechanical shock in the motor and the actuator;

- starting from a limited source of supply power (gas diesel gensets);

- cost savings due to the rational use of energy-intensive equipment;

- reducing the interval between starts;

- extending the life of the equipment.

The use of automated systems based on devices UVPP-B enables soft start alternate virtually unlimited number of units and provides a substantial savings over one run motor on the individual device.

Major consumers of these devices are farming industry where the production technology used mechanisms driven by high-voltage electric motors, such as:

▪ Energy:

- exhaust fans;

- condensate pumps;

- nourishing and network pumps;

- compressors etc.

▪ Mining and Metallurgy:

- Dust fans;

- cooling fans furnaces;

- plant for producing oxygen in the steel industry;

- pulponasosy;

- SAG mill, etc.

▪ Chemicals & Chemistry:

- oil transfer pumps;

- compressors;

- pumps;

- mixers / extruders;

- fans, etc.

▪ Cement industry:

- Furnace fans;

- blowers;

- fan cooler;

- fans threshers;

- gas fans, etc.

▪ Housing:

- water supply pumps;

- sewage pumps;

- compressors in high-power air-conditioning systems, etc.

▪ Forest Industry:

- fans;

- nutritional boiler pumps;

- pulper;

- refiner;

- intermediate shafts, etc.

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