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Layout of KTPK-250-10-0.4-T-BB 012.800.113-01 VO


The small-size packaged transformer substations of the cabin type with the 6 or10 kV voltage (herein after KTPKm) are designed for power supply of agricultural users, separate settlements and industrial facilities, construction operations and various industrial activities in areas with moderate or cold climate.

The KTPKm substations can not be operated under the following conditions:

  • under conditions of jolting, vibrations and impact effects;
  • power infeed on the lowest voltage side;
  • installation in explosion and fire hazardous areas according to the Electrical installation code and special environments according to GOST 24682-81.

Normal functioning of the substations is provided under the following conditions:

  • installation altitude above the sea level – not more than 1000m;
  • environment: industrial environment according to GOST 15150-69. Non-hazardous environment containing no reactive gases or vapors in concentrations that may deteriorate excessively the parameters of the KTPNB (RTPNB) substations.


Classification Version
According to the type of the power transformer With an oil transformer; with a dry transformer
According to the type of neutral terminal of the power transformer on the lowest voltage side Earth and neutral connected; with an insulated neutral (without a neutral bus)
According to diagrams of connection to circuits Dead-end
According to the phase-displacement group of power transformers Yн / D, Y / Yн, D / Yн
According to the type of connection to low voltage switchgears By means of cables; copper uninsulated busbars; aluminum uninsulated busbars
According to the type of the high-voltage terminal Air; cable
According to the type of the low-voltage terminal Air; cable
According to the types of automatic switches Fixed; plug-in type; draw-out type


Parameter name Parameter value
Power transformer capacity, kVA 25; 40; 63; 100; 160; 250; 400
Nominal voltage on the high-voltage side, kV 6; 10
The highest operating voltage on the high-voltage side, kV 7,2; 12
Nominal voltage on the low-voltage side, kV 0,4
Short-time thermal current on the high-voltage side , kA 20
Short time electrodynamic current on the high-voltage side , kA 51
Input circuit insulation resistance on the high-voltage side , MOhm, min 1000

Technical data

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