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The KSO-PS partitioning point is designed for commutation and protection of overhead transmission lines in circuits with an insulated neutral point or with a neutral point grounded by means of a ground-fault neutralizer with the 6 (10) kV nominal voltage and 50 Hz three-phase alternating current.

The functions of the partitioning point are the following:

  • automatic shutdown of damaged areas of the line;
  • automatic reclosing;
  • measurement of operating parameters of the network;
  • log keeping of operational and alarm events in the network;
  • automatic transfer switch;
  • local and remote network operative reconfiguration;
  • remote control.

The KSO-PS (high-voltage and low-voltage units) are supplied with assembly kits for mounting to the VL-6 (10) kV supports.
If necessary, the KSO-PS may be supplied with the VL pig receivers (OPN pin insulators) and disconnecting switches with an assembly kit for mounting to the VL support.

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