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The KSO-PUS recording and partitioning point performs the functions of the KSO-PS partitioning section and the KSO-PKU commercial accounting point. It is designed for commutation and protection of overhead transmission lines, accounting of direct and reverse active/reactive energy in circuits with an insulated neutral point or with a neutral point grounded by means of a ground-fault neutralizer with the 6 -10 kV nominal voltage and 50 Hz three-phase alternating current. It is also used for transmission of measured and calculated parameters to the dispatch center used for control, recording and distribution of electric energy.

The functions of the recording and partitioning point are the following:

  • automatic shutdown of damaged areas of the line;

  • automatic reclosing;

  • measurement of operating parameters of the network;

  • log keeping of operational and alarm events in the network;

  • automatic transfer switch;

  • local and remote network operative reconfiguration;

  • remote control;

  • commercial accounting at the boundary point;

  • formation of reliable and timely information on control and accounting of electric energy and power linked to the common astronomical time;

  • defining of volumes of electric energy subject to payments for settlement of accounts between energy suppliers and energy users;

  • transmission of information of the consumed energy and power to the dispatch service (integration in the automatic system for commercial measurement of power consumption);

  • monitoring of energy stealing.

The KSO-PUS (high-voltage and low-voltage units) are supplied with assembly kits for mounting to the VL-6 (10) kV supports.

If necessary, the KSO-PUS may be supplied with the VL pig receivers (OPN pin insulators) and disconnecting switches with an assembly kit for mounting to the VL support.

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