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The KSO-RN (equivalent to the YaKNO, KRN-10) are installed in the points of connection to in-pit electricity transmission lines with the 6 (10) kV nominal voltage and 50 Hz three-phase alternating current. They are also used in high-level networks and drop networks of pits.
Basically the KSO-RN are used for connection of high-voltage motors of drilling machines, electric excavators, power transformers, creepers, dredgers, drilling compressor machines and drilling condenser machines. They are used for partitioning of in-pit and out-pit electricity transmission lines and others.

The operating conditions of the KSO-RN are the following:

  • ambient temperature from –50°С to +40°С (corresponds to the ‘moderately cold climate’ climatic category and the 1 placement category in accordance with GOST 15150);
  • installation altitude above the sea level – not more than 1000m;
  • the environment is non-explosive, the volume of contained dust doesn’t lead to deterioration of the item parameters;
  • wind speed – not more than 40 m/s with the absence of ice-covered ground; wind speed up to 15 m/s with the ground ice coverage height less than 25mm;
  • thunderstorm activity intensity – up to 40 hours (according to the electrical installation standard).

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